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About Us

Drug Free Movement, inc., The Truth Shall Set You Free, Rise Up Naturally


To prevent drug abuse and addiction by empowering youth to step away from drugs through Science based Drug Education videos including videos and activities showing how to step away from Drugs and what to do instead.

Science Based Short Drug Education Videos by Dr. Adena, Pharmacist.

Video Content:

  • Will show you how to step away from a Potential Drug Use Trigger Situation. 
  • Evidence, experience and Science based facts given by a pharmacist about each drug that can be abused.  
  • Evidence, experience and Science based information on what you can do instead if you feel the need to turn to recreational drugs.
  • Which Receptors each drug hits and what the resulting effects are.  Other modes of hitting those same Receptors will than be discussed in a helpful way instead of a harmful way.

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About the Founder

Dr. Adena Asatoorian graduated in 2001 from Western University of Health Sciences with a Doctor of Pharmacy Degree.  


She has been practicing as a pharmacist for over 16 years. 

Throughout her practicing as a  Pharmacist, she noticed the side effects that traditional medications have and therefore decided to open a compounding pharmacy where she could customize medications for a patients specific needs to reduce side effects and increase efficacy.

She opened Preferred Compounding Pharmacy, Inc in 2009 and practiced creating custom tailored compounds for patients needs.

Her compounds included pain mangement, bio-identicle hormone replacement therapy, pet medicine, dermatology, etc. 

Dr. Adena specialized in pain management compounding for localized treatment of pain.  She also specialized in nutritional support for pain.

She customized pain creams and nutritional support based on a total of three to four consults with the patient and communication with the Prescriber.


The goal was to reduce oral use of narcotics and improve quality of life by getting the patient moving and exercising with minimum pain.

She was a Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA) member and will be in the future if she opens another compounding pharmacy.

She sold her Pharmacy on August of 2016.

Dr. Adena is very detail oriented in her work.

She has saved lives and improved the quality of lives of patients by bringing important side effects and drug interactions to the attention of the patient and patients physician during her Medication Therapy Management sessions and making  interventions on patient reports and files in the hospital setting as well that were accepted by the patients physician.

Dr. Adena has a passion to share her knowledge about drugs with the nation and the world.

Her profession as a pharmacist and her dealings with addicted individuals throughout her pharmacy career puts her in a unique position of knowing both sides of drug use, medicinal and recreational.

She can share facts based on current data and latest studies.

She hopes that by presenting the facts through the Drug Free Movement, Inc. videos and reminding youth to stay off of drugs throughout the year by providing positive, drug free activities that have been shown to hit the same receptors, prevention of drug abuse and addiction will occur for the next generation.

She is a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine which is an organization of health care professionals that are on the cutting edge of medicine. 

She attends current lectures on the drugs she will be presenting to get a full picture of all of the facts.

She is collecting feedback from parents and teens on what they would like to see as content.

She has a burning passion, dream and wish inside of her that the new generation will have a better understanding of drugs and will choose to stay away from recreational drug use.

She hopes the new generation will Rise Up Naturally by knowing the Truth about Drugs and will know what to do instead.

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