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Drugs: Real Education & Awareness Movement


To prevent Drug Misuse and Substance Use Disorder by encouraging and motivating people to step away from drugs that can cause them harm.

Science Based Short Drug Education Videos by Dr. Adena, Pharmacist.


Video Content:

  • Will show you how to communicate to create healthy connections and understanding between family and friends and the people in a cycle of drug misuse and Substance Use Disorder to help each other break free from this cycle.
  • Evidence, experience and Science based facts given by a pharmacist about each drug that can be abused and on what you can do instead if you feel the need to turn to recreational drugs.
  • Encouraging Speaking up about Drug Misuse and Substance Use Disorder to break the Stigma and get help faster.

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About the Founder

Dr. Adena Asatoorian graduated in 2001 with a Doctor of Pharmacy Degree.

As a Pharmacist, she noticed the side effects that traditional medications have, started providing medication therapy management services and opened a compounding pharmacy to customize medications for patients to reduce side effects and increase efficacy.

Although she provided most compounds, she mainly specialized in pain management compounding for localized treatment and nutritional support for pain.


The goal was to reduce oral use of narcotics and improve quality of life by getting the patient moving and exercising with minimum pain.

She sold her Pharmacy on August of 2016.

She is a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine which is an organization of health care professionals that are on the cutting edge of medicine. 

She attends current lectures on the drugs she will be presenting.

From Dr. Adena, Pharmacist,

Hi everyone,

I have a burning passion to share what I have learned about drugs with all of you and would love to hear your feedback and any drug information that you hear.

I hope that this will get more of us to talk about drug misuse and substance use disorder to bring realities to light.

My profession as a pharmacist and my dealings with  individuals that have Substance Use Disorder has put me in a unique position of knowing both sides of drug use, medicinal and recreational.

I will share facts based on current data and latest studies.

I hope that by presenting the facts, empowering youth, and coming together for solutions, we will prevent drug misuse and Substance Use Disorder for the next generation and empower those that are using drugs to find a healthier way of life.

Build Your Best Life.


Dr, Adena, Pharmacist


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