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Ask Yourself

What makes you feel the need to use the drug of your choice?

How can you stop yourself from starting to use this drug?

Which one of your friends do you think would be most likely to drink at a party or use a drug?

What do you think would make them be more likely to use a drug or drink?

From the D.R.E.A.M.Movement videos, what are some activities you can do instead that will hit the same receptors but will not cause harmful and intense side effects and will take you toward a positive life?

Which adult do you trust to tell about your concerns and problems in general?

Is anyone in your family using any of these drugs?

If you have started using a drug, how can you get help fast?

What is your risk factor for developing Substance Use Disorder?

Have you ever drank alcohol or used any of these drugs?

What made you want to misuse these substance(s)?

What happened a few days or weeks or moments prior to your first use?

What images came to your mind before you felt you needed to use your drug of choice?

What do you think you can do instead?

What have you done instead in the past that has helped you avoid the moment of Drug Misuse?

Show a trusted adult your answers to start a conversation and to get help.



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